Omega-Net 7.5/135

Area of Application

Omega-Net 7.5/135 is a cable net product used for high strength slope stabilization solutions. The nets are made from individual strands of spiral steel wire rope that have thick individual wires to resist abrasion. The strands of rope are pre-bent into arcs resembling an omega shape and then woven together to make the net. This process yields an extremely strong net with high flexibility and energy absorption characteristics.

Ultimate Flexibility and Strength

Omega-Nets provide maximum flexibility coupled with high strength to suite the most difficult stabilization needs. Whether it is covering large surface areas or securing individual boulders, the nets conform to the topography to ensure a snug fit.

Simple and Efficient Installation

Since the nets are so flexible, panels can most often be fitted with no overlap in a very efficient manner. Seams between panels are constructed using shackle connections for quick installation. The size of individual panels are manufactured as required.

Draped Net System

Draped net systems allow material behind the mesh to move down slope in a controlled manner. These systems are normally secured along the top of the system with a suspension cable, with few or no anchors below. A major consideration for draped mesh systems is not only the strength but the unit weight of the material. The higher the weight, the better the system will resist impacts. Omega-Nets are the primary nets used in high energy hybrid rockfall catchments fences and are used where dynamic loading of the draped mesh system requires the highest stopping power available.

Anchored Net System

To prevent the movement of large material down a slope, the nets may be pinned using a matrix of rock anchors, often with the combination of steel ropes and anchor plates. Such systems are termed slope retention or anchored net systems. The anchor spacing, depth and type must be designed by a geotechnical engineer to properly accommodate the expected forces and to reduce maintenance.

Heavy Duty Hardware

To transfer the expected loads from the nets to the anchors, robust anchor plates are used in combination with steel cables. A variety of plates are available depending on the design of the system. Anchors are set in topographic lows in order to best tension the net and rope system.

Net Characteristics
Net TypeSteel Cable Net
Strand Diameter
[mm (inch)]
Single Wire Diameter
[mm (inch)]
Arc Diameter X
[mm (inch)]
Number of Mesh Openings, Horizontal
[per m (per ft)]
Number of Mesh Openings, Vertical
[per m (per ft)]
Sewing Rope
[mm (inch)]
Seam Shackles3/8"
Strand Properties
Strand TypeSpiral Rope
Construction1 x 7
Tensile Strength
[N/mm2 (ksi)]
Corrosion ProtectionZn or Zn-Al Galvanized
Coating ClassClass A
Net Strength Properties
Strand Break Load
[kN (lbf)]
Tensile Strength
[kN/m (lbf/ft)]
Standard Panel Sizes
Length (L)
[m (ft)]
made to order
Width (W)
[m (ft)]
made to order
Unit Weight
[kg/m2 (lb/ft2)]
Mesh Dimensions
Panel Dimensions
1. Folded net package for transport; 2. Expanded net package for application
Seam Connection
1.Shackle; 2.Sewing Rope