Mobile Rockfall Fence: TS-100-MOBIL

Ahren Bichler

The TS-100-MOBIL system is a rockfall catchment fence that can be installed temporarily or permanently. The system requires no drilled anchors and so can be installed quickly and can be used immediately since there is no need to wait for anchor grout to harden. The TS-100-MOBIL is especially suitable for construction sites and along traffic corridors where time sensitive or mobile measures are required and where a firm surface is available.

Full-scale impact tests were carried out on both the concrete barriers and the flexible-net superstructures in a similar manner. To test the concrete barrier, an impact was conducted on the uppermost part of the concrete element as this is the most sensitive area in terms of damage and overturning.

The projectile had a mass of 532 kg and an impact speed of 20.66 m/sec (74 km/h) with a kinetic translational energy of 114 kJ. The concrete is made with a special glass fiber reinforcement to prevent concrete splinters from detaching on the downslope side of the barrier.

The net structure was also tested at full-scale with an impact near the upper bearing rope to simulate a worse-case scenario. The projectile had a mass of 532 kg and an impact speed of 20.10 m/sec. (72 km/h) and had a kinetic translational energy of 107 kJ. The maximum system deformation of the concrete elements was 16 cm in the horizontal direction. In both tests, the entire input energy was dissipated by the respective protection system (i.e. concrete element, net structure).

A third type of full-scale test was carried out that demonstrates the systems ability to withstand an impact from a vehicle. The test was carried out according to the European standard EN 1317 for Vehicle Restraint Systems.

In the test, a car was driven against the system at a speed of 110 km/h at an angle of 20°.

The system met all requirements and is equipped with the following retention level:
N2/W4/B. The effective range is 1.26 m (W4), which corresponds to a dynamic displacement of the system of 0.56 m. The minimum installation length is 40 m.

End anchoring is not required.