Bank Stabilization

General Application

Bank stabilization involves fortifying or otherwise protecting an over-steepened, under-cut or similar slope from erosion or failure. Often these slopes are associated with watercourses. There are many methods used to stabilize banks and embankments, such as through addressing soil structure, drainage and vegetation cover, slope armor/revetment or engineered works, including gabions, revet mattresses, and various retaining wall and sheet pile structures. Stabilization measures act not only to diffuse and absorb energy from erosive processes but also give structural stability to the slope.

The use of wire gabions and mattresses for bank stabilization is common practice and has a long history. They are efficient, cost effective and simple to install. They offer a stable, modular building unit that is versatile and which can be filled with local material. Gabions and mattresses provide free-draining support that can be used in virtually any environment.