Trumer Schutzbauten

Trumer Schutzbauten GmbH was founded in the early 1990s near Salzburg, Austria. At the time, Trumer worked closely alongside construction companies and stakeholders to help solve their geohazard mitigation needs. It quickly became apparent there was much room for improvement with regards to installation efficiency, system functionality and cost of rockfall catchment fences available on the market.

In response, a unique net was developed, which was tested and proven to have lasting effects on the geohazards industry. The Omega-Net was the first high-strength net brought to the market with the strength, deformation capabilities and functional attributes to make the installation of large capacity systems a simple effort. Topping the list was its ability to fold into compact packages that could be easily transported in combination with posts by helicopter or cranes and installed without any shackles or sewing ropes. This removed the need to heave nets into position during installation. It took our competitors almost two decades to mimic this innovation.

Today, some have followed in our footsteps but none have achieved the same level of simplicity in design and installation.

Trumer’s product spectrum has grown to include systems for mitigating unstable slopes (both passive and active measures), shallow landslide and debris flow mitigation, avalanche protection, and bank stabilization. We have also expanded our reach far beyond the borders of Austria to across the world, building our name on quality products known for their robustness and high level of safety.