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    Mobile rockfall fence: TS-100-MOBIL

    New mobile system that requires no anchoring!

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    Snow Catcher versus Avalanche

    Test site for observing interactions between avalanches and flexible net systems

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    First Full Year of Expanded Production Facilities

    Vela Draga Rockfall Protection

    Installation of a high energy barrier on a near vertical face

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    Hoffman’s Bluff, British Columbia, Canada

    Specially designed 500 kJ rockfall attenuator

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    RocFall by Rocscience integrates Trumer systems

    Injection Anchors Prove Their Worth

    After a larger-than-designed event, this rockfall fence demonstrates how “flexible-foundations” can be beneficial

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    The creation of a monster!

    This robust DebrisCatcher was designed to withstand 750 kN/m

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